Confirmation is a Catholic sacrament of mature Christian commitment and a deepening of baptismal gifts. Like Baptism and Eucharist, it is a Sacrament of Initiation for Catholics and a Sacrament of faith in God's fidelity to us.


Students must be in the 11th grade and/or sixteen years of age to be confirmed. Preparation for Confirmation involves the coordinated efforts of the candidates, pastor, parents, sponsors, catechists, and the parish community. Immediate preparation for Confirmation takes place within the parish community and not in school. The initiation of children into sacramental life is primarily the responsibility of the parents. Sponsors are to be named by the student's parents and must be of at least sixteen years of age. They are to be Catholics, themselves confirmed, and lead a life in harmony with the duty they are undertaking. A sponsor cannot be one of the parents of the student nor can they be bound by any canonical penalty. An entry is to be made in the appropriate registry of the parish. If Confirmation takes place outside of the parish of Baptism, notification is to be sent to the parish in a timely fashion. It is recommended that the sponsor be one of the sponsors from the student's Baptism. It is acceptable to have two Confirmation sponsors.  

Students are required to attend all classes, retreats and complete service hours according to the confirmation program.